Subleasing Agreement Form

This form is compliments of the JMU Center for Off Campus Life


This format is suggested as service to students and landlords. James Madison University is not responsible for any damages arising from any errors or omissions made herein

It is agreed between ________________________________(Tenant: person leaving) and
________________________________(Subtenant: person taking over)
To sublease the premises at
Address: _______________________________
City: ____________________
State: _____
Zip: ___________
For the period beginning __________ and ending ____________ the subtenant agrees to:
  1. A security deposit of $_________ is to be paid in full to _____________ by the date of _________.
  2. The rent of $________ per month is payable to _____________ no later than the date of _________.
  3. The utilities will be in _____________'s name and payment will be made to _____________ no later than the date of _________.
  4. He/She assumes full liability for any damage caused during the period stated above to any personal items or permanent fixtures.

A copy of the original lease is attached to this agreement and incorporated herein. The subtenant agrees to abide by all terms and covenants of the original lease

_____________   __________________________   _______________________  
Date Tenant Phone #
_____________   __________________________   _______________________  
Date Subtenant SSN
Approved by: ______________________________ _______________________
Owner/Manager Date