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CABLE AND INTERNET INFORMATION for the 2006-2007 lease year.

On the first page of the lease, CPI indicates both the availability of high speed internet and the cost per month.  For most properties managed by CPI, CPI has a long term contract with Adelphia to provide the Cable Television and High-Speed Cable Internet access.  CPI  purchased the routers, modems and has installed the internal cabling. CPI maintains the equipment and provides an eight-pin data port and cable television jack in every bedroom. This is the only service supported by CPI and both the cable and Internet service is provided by Adelphia Cable.

At the request of our Tenants we do not enter a captive agreement with NTC and force the use of that service. 

The prices quoted below are for each all tenants and for the entire term of the lease. It also includes the cost of one additional cable television access in a common area. The prices and services are based on current pricing available from Adelphia. We do not expect that either the pricing will change during the term of the lease, however if they do, tenants will be given the option to cancel their service without penalty.

Cable television basic package includes channels 2 - 38, 40 - 50 and 60 - 73. The current channel listing is at the bottom of this sheet. The most current listing of channels is found at

by entering the zip code of either 22802 or 22801. In the event additional channels or digital cable is desired, Tenants have the option to upgrade their service with a digital receiver available at the Adelphia office.  Tenants can leases a digital box(es) from Adelphia that will allow access to channels such as HBO, Showtime and Cinamax.  The prices below are for basic cable and high speed internet only.   Please check with Adelphia for the pricing of the add-on service with a digital box.

Internet service is provided by an Adelphia Power link modem connected to the cable line and distributed through a CPI router to each bedroom. The hardware and installation cost is included in the monthly fee.   Tenants also have full access to Adelphia's technical support if any questions arise. Powerlink is a high speed cable internet access that is always on and does not require use of a phone line. All tenants can share the same connection and will be able to access their JMU accounts as well as the web.

Number of tenants is based on total number in the property not the number requesting cable and Internet access. All tenants will have access to both services.
# tenants           Monthly cost per person for both cable and internet

     1                      30.00 (for one modem ) & 1 or 2 cable jacks
     2                      27.00 (for one modem split 2 ways) & 3 cable jacks
     3                      25.00 (for one modem split 3 ways) & 4 cable jacks
     4                      24.00 (for one modem split 4 ways) & 5 cable jacks
     5                      22.00 (for one modem split 5 ways) & 6 cable jacks
     6                      20.00 (for one modem split 6 ways) & 7 cable jacks
     7                      19.00 (for one modem split 7 ways) & 8 cable jacks
     8                      18.00 (for one modem split 8 ways) & 9 cable jacks
     8                      24.00 (for two modems split 4 ways and 4 ways) & 9 cable jacks
     9                      20.00 (for two modems split 4 ways and 5 ways) & 10 cable jacks
    10                     18.00 (for two modems split 5 ways and 5 ways) & 11 cable jacks

Current Listing of Adelphia Cable channels included in the CPI package: 

2 WDCA WDCA Basic (Broadcast)
3 GOVT ACCESS Government Access Basic (Broadcast)
4 WRC WRC Basic (Broadcast)
5 WTTG WTTG Basic (Broadcast)
6 WTVR WTVR Basic (Broadcast)
7 WVPT WVPT Basic (Broadcast)
8 WRIC WRIC Basic (Broadcast)
9 WUSA WUSA Basic (Broadcast)
10 WVIR WVIR Basic (Broadcast)
11 WHSV WHSV Basic (Broadcast)
12 WWBT WWBT Basic (Broadcast)
13 QVC Quality, Value, Convenience Basic (Broadcast)
14 WAZT W10AZ Basic (Broadcast)
15 TV GUIDE TV GUIDE Basic (Broadcast)
16 HSN Home Shopping Network Basic (Broadcast)
17 TBS TBS CableValue (Satellite)
18 C-SPAN C-SPAN CableValue (Satellite)
19 C-SPAN2 C-SPAN2 CableValue (Satellite)
20 TWC The Weather Channel CableValue (Satellite)
21 CNN Cable News Network CableValue (Satellite)
22 HN Headline News CableValue (Satellite)
23 SHOPNBC SHOPNBC (formerly Valuvision) CableValue (Satellite)
24 PIN Product Information Network CableValue (Satellite)
25 ESPN ESPN CableValue (Satellite)
26 ESPN2 ESPN2 CableValue (Satellite)
27 FAM ABC Family Channel CableValue (Satellite)
28 TDC The Discovery Network CableValue (Satellite)
29 A&E Arts & Entertainment CableValue (Satellite)
30 LIFE Lifetime Television CableValue (Satellite)
31 AMC American Movie Classics CableValue (Satellite)
32 TNN The National Network CableValue (Satellite)
33 CMT Country Music Television CableValue (Satellite)
34 MTV Music Television CableValue (Satellite)
35 VH-1 Video Hits One CableValue (Satellite)
36 E! E! Entertainment Television CableValue (Satellite)
37 BET Black Entertainment Television CableValue (Satellite)
38 THC The History Channel CableValue (Satellite)
40 HALLMARK Hallmark (Formerly Odyssey) CableValue (Satellite)
41 TLC The Learning Channel CableValue (Satellite)
42 COMSPBW COMSPBW CableValue (Satellite)
43 TCM Turner Classic Movies CableValue (Satellite)
44 CNBC CNBC CableValue (Satellite)
45 DIS The Disney Channel CableValue (Satellite)
46 NICK Nickelodeon CableValue (Satellite)
47 TCN The Cartoon Network CableValue (Satellite)
48 ANPLANET Animal Planet CableValue (Satellite)
49 SCI-FI The Sci-Fi Channel CableValue (Satellite)
50 HGTV Home & Garden Television Network CableValue (Satellite)
60 TNT Turner Network Television CableValue (Satellite)
61 USA USA Network CableValue (Satellite)
62 COURT Court TV CableValue (Satellite)
63 WB Warner Brothers CableValue (Satellite)
64 PAXNET Paxson Satellite Network CableValue (Satellite)
65 BRAVO Bravo CableValue (Satellite)
66 OXY Oxygen CableValue (Satellite)
67 TVFN Television Food Network CableValue (Satellite)
68 TRAVEL The Travel Channel CableValue (Satellite)
69 COM Comedy Central CableValue (Satellite)
70 FX FX CableValue (Satellite)
71 TV LAND TV Land CableValue (Satellite)
72 FNC Fox News Channel CableValue (Satellite)
73 MSNBC MSNBC CableValue (Satellite)