16:   Suggestions / Corrections


We are always looking for ways to improve our INFORMATION CENTER to better serve our Tenants and Co-Signers.  If you notice any spelling, linking or content errors, please let us know so that we can make corrections.

If you had trouble finding information on the site, please let us know what index titles would have made it easier for you to find.  We try to index items in multiple ways but there is always room for improvement. 

For example:    Dishwasher is currently indexed under Plumbing and Appliance.   Perhaps also indexing under Kitchen would be helpful.

We are also looking for additional information to add to the site.  Let us know what information would be helpful to you.  Please be as specific as you can.  An no, we can't post the answers to your Final exams.


If you would like to make a Suggestion or Correction press  Make Suggestion or Correction