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1:    Account Information  (Payment Address, Lease Term, Occupancy Dates, Monthly rent)

2:    Appliances  (Stove, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Washer, Furnace, etc.)

2.5:  Calendars (JMU 2007-2009 Calendar)

3:    Doors   (Interior doors,  Exterior Doors, Locks, Knobs, Keys)

4:    Electrical   (Outlets, Breakers, Appliances, etc.)

5:    Fire Safety (Smoke Alarms, Alarm batteries, Fire extinguisher)

6:    Floors    (Cleaning, reporting damage, carpet frays)

7:    Forms and Documents   ( Lease terms, Applications, etc.)

8:    Heating / Cooling   (Furnace, Heaters, Radiators, Air Conditioning)

9:     Lighting  (Fixtures, Light bulbs, Ceiling fans, etc.)

10:   Outside / Yard  (Grass, Trees, Shrubbery, Snow removal)

11:   Pests  (Bugs, Rodents, Helpful advice to get rid of them all )

12:   Pets   (Cats, Dogs, Puppies, Temporary Pets)

13:   Plumbing  (Sink, Toilet, Shower, Tub, Dishwasher, Washing, Water heater, etc.)

14:   Walls   (Reporting damage, painting policy)

15:   OTHER   (any item not listed above)

16:  SUGGESTIONS / CORRECTIONS:  (List other information you would like to see or correct errors)



Cleaning (cleaning various items)

Leasing Information  (forms, procedures, links to availability, directions to office)