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2020 - 2021 Pricing information for 398 East Elizabeth Street

398 E. Elizabeth Street

Square ft.

12 Payments of 


Bedroom 1

490.00   1st floor Front SE bedroom.

Bedroom 2

525.00   2nd floor Front SE bedroom.

Bedroom 3

525.00   2nd floor Front SW bedroom.

Bedroom 4

525.00   2nd floor Rear NW bedroom

House manager discount

-20.00   This discount reduces the house manager's monthly rent

Total house rent 

2,045.00   Average Payment = $511.25   Security deposit = 1.5 X individual room payments

What is Included in the rent ?

1:   Exclusive use of Tenant selected bedroom.
2:   Shared use of all appliances and common space.
3:   Yard maintenance service including grass cutting, tree and branch maintenance, leaf removal and spraying for weeds in the parking areas.
Utilities are NOT included in the rent.
While it is not possible for us to predict future commodity prices or how conservative or wasteful tenants are with their utilities, the estimate above is a reasonable guess and a number to be used for budgeting and comparing different properties.  We calculated the estimate based on previous actual bills in the years tenants chose to have Castle Property process their utilities.
Electric $25 - $35 estimate /  person / month
Water $15 - $20 estimate /  person / month
Oil $20 - $25 estimate /  person / month
Internet/Cable Tenants may choose any level of service


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